“I wanted to thank you again for all the technical assistance and development you have been doing for us.  We’ve always appreciated your support and we look forward to working with you and your excellent team (Nerijus and Denis) in the future.  The clients have mentioned how happy they are with your results and are also very appreciative.”
Gino Manocchio, Agility Business Solutions, Partner, 2009

Different cell colors in the Grid on the form

Method displayOption has to be overridden on the form datasource to display cells in the grid in different colors.

Note, that the whole line i affected here, but only certain columns, and each line can have different colums affected.

Code example:

public void displayOption(Common _record, FormRowDisplayOption _options)
    CustTable custTable = _record;

    if (custTable.CustGroup == "FOR")

    super(_record, _options);

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