“…we have had a very successful implementation here in Jamaica. Everything went extremely well thanks to the efforts of your team of Denis and Nerijus. I believe that the results are excellent and that both gentlemen have done fabulous work and have my congratulations on a job well done.”
Christopher Ramdon, Jamaica Broilers Group Limited, IT Manager, 2011

Famous Ctrl+Z

Most of Ax people already are used to press Ctrl+Z in any field on a form and that brings full info about the field begind the control: table, field, type etc.

However, in contrary what some people may think, this is not standard Ax.

Below is the code that implement this nice feature.

Here is a method task() in system class SysSetupFormRun.

public int task(int _p1)
    FormDataSource formDataSource;
    int ret;
// Modification BY ERPServis (AxDevGuru) - Begin
    //Shows table and field or datamethods name when Ctrl + Z pressed on a field on a form
    DictField   df;
    FormControl fc;
    formStringControl fsc;
    DictEnum dictEnum = new DictEnum(enumnum(Types));
    DictEnum dictEnums;

    if (_p1 == 769) //Ctrl + Z
        fc = this.selectedControl();
        formDataSource =  this.objectSet();

        if(fc && formDataSource)
            fsc    = fc;
            if(fsc.dataField() && formDataSource.table())
                info(strfmt('Table    -> %2.%1',fieldId2Name(formDataSource.table(),
                                    fsc.dataField() - 65536),
                                    df = new DictField(formDataSource.table(), fsc.dataField() - 65536);
                    info(strfmt('Name    -> %1',df.name()));
                    info(strfmt('Type     -> %1',dictEnum.index2Symbol(df.baseType())));

                    if(df.baseType() == typeOf(Types::Enum))
                        dictEnums = new dictEnum(df.enumId());
                        info(strfmt('Enum     -> %1',dictEnums.name()));

                    info(strfmt('Ext type -> %1',extendedTypeId2name(df.typeId())));
                    info(strfmt('Size       -> %1',int2str(df.stringLen())));

                info(strfmt('METHOD %1.%2',tableId2Name(formDataSource.table()),
// Modification BY ERPservis (AxDevGuru) - End

// rest of the method

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