“I wanted to thank you again for all the technical assistance and development you have been doing for us.  We’ve always appreciated your support and we look forward to working with you and your excellent team (Nerijus and Denis) in the future.  The clients have mentioned how happy they are with your results and are also very appreciative.”
Gino Manocchio, Agility Business Solutions, Partner, 2009

About us

Some people think, that small team can not do a big job. That is not true, and we can prove it. We have been a part of big projects and brought success to them.

Key things about us:

  • We do Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • We are experienced: 10+ years of experience with the product
  • We are efficient: being highly qualified professionals and each covering both technical and application areas become extremely efficient in projects were speed and quality is required
  • We are available anywhere: remote work is our every day life. Today's technology allows us be in our office and work with installation that is 1000 miles away.
  • We are getting bigger! Our team has expanded involving new experts and partners. Now we are able to take even bigger project and work on even bigger implementations.

If you:

  • need help with the implementation,
  • are late with your project
  • or new to Dynamics AX and need training

we are here to help you!

We work as Microsoft Dynamics AX sourcing partner. And this have been lasting for years. So our experience is not just in the product, but also in working as a subcontracted team for another partner.

Please take a look into our Services chapter to see what we can and do not think that there is anything we can not in a field of Dynamics AX.