"We have always valued our relationship, the high quality service your team provides, and view your organization as an important extension of our team.  We couldn’t have been as successful on several projects without your outstanding AX resources.”
Gino Manocchio, Agility Business Solutions, Partner, 2012


  • Core of our team members started Dynamics AX in 1999-2001
  • Most of our projects where international
  • All of our team members are certified in Dynamics AX
  • Almost all of our team members are developers and consultants at the same time

That means – experienced, certified, efficient.


Rasa Vaitekūnienė

Partner & Director, Lead Cosultant

Rasa is a Microsoft Dynamics AX professional with experience starting in 2001. She started as a developer. Then began to move more towards application. Rasa now is highly experienced in Finance, Supply Chain, CRM, Project accounting and many other areas. Being able to write X++ she is like one man orchestra – one person can do everything. However, when it comes to a team work – she does a gread job too. Always a leader, demanding from others and especially herself the best that is possible. She is best when there is a need of doing things fast and with high quality, when it is needed to solve most complicated cases. Loves challenges and is not afraid of work.

Rasa also works with Ms Dynamics CRM – we have a Microsoft Dynamics CRM project were she became a leading person.

Rasa is highly skilled at solving problems and helping clients to achieve their broader objectives of measuring and improving business performance.

Aidas Slivinskas

Partner & Lead Consultant

Aidas started with Microsoft Dynamics AX in 1999 as a developer. In 2000 he did his first training classes as a trainer. Same time working on real implementations enabled him to bring real life to the classes that he conducted. In 2005 he got certified as Microsoft Certified Trainer.

Having a technical background helped him to learn X++ quickly and years of experience with Dynamics Ax brought knowledge of the application. This perfect combination of application knowledge and high development skills enables Aidas to do much more than a regular developer.

Aidas is one of the founders of ERPservis UAB and one of the leading persons in this company. Focusing on international projects, that cover impressive variery of geohraphical regions – USA, Carribien, Scandianvian countries, South African Republic, etc. - provides him with an extensive list of referenceable customers.

Great team member, ideal tutor and friendly colleague.

Nerijus Zolubas

Partner & Lead Technical Consultant

Nerijus started with Dynamics AX in 2001. All the time he was involved in implementations, development, and support on Dynamics AX. When we think of Nerijus, we have in mind inovations and technology. He is our key person for driving us forward, trying new things.

First of all he thinks of a client – what benefit system can provide, how should we adopt the system so it would be efficient, cost effective and bring value to the customer.

Most people think that ERP system is an inevitable expense, but indeed it in contrary. ERP solution should optimize your business, save money, expand your business. That is were our focus should be and Nerijus is focusing right there.

Being skilled developer, knowing application and diving deep into a business processes he is a golden resource in not just making system to work, but gaining profit out of it.

Denis Poloudin

Senior Technical Consultant

Denis is very experienced and creative Dynamics AX developer. He started with AX in 2004. This gives quite an experience with the product. Very customer oriented, eager to travel, Denis was part of many big international projects. He is a golden resource when it comes to working with end user. And not every develper can do that.

Denis is also very knowledgeable in Dynamics AX application. The fact that he has several application certifications in AX speaks for itself.

Denis is also a trainer. He started giving AX classes in 2008 and continue till now. Great presentation skills and very good knowledge of the product makes him a perfect trainer.


Ieva Rakauskienė

Senior Application Consultant

Beginning back in 2005 as a customers chief accountant, Ieva has a huge background of the accounting. When she joined us in 2008, she already had a big experience with Dynamcis AX, since this product was used by the company she came from. Working for partner gave her even wider knowledge of the Dynamics Ax, covering not just Accounting, but areas like Inventory, Production, Service management and other.

So now Ieva is a Lead Finance consultant, with flexibility to cover many other application areas.

She is also a trainer with 3 years of experience.